Where To Find Us

Where To Find Us

Our main departure and arrival points are just a short 5 minute walk, from and to, the Cruise Ship Terminal in Port Chalmers and just 5 minutes walk, to and from, the historic Dunedin Railway Station. From there it is a short stroll to the Octagon, in the heart of the city.

Octagon to
Steamer Basin

If you’re in the Octagon, head down lower Stuart Street towards the Dunedin Railway station. There is an over-bridge beside the public toilets to the right of the station. Cross the bridge, cross the road and turn right. Keep walking until you see the harbour basin on your left. The pontoon jetty is down the steps beside the Harbourside Grill. You can get good food and refreshments at the Harbourside Grill while you wait.

Port Chalmers to
Back Beach

From the Cruise Ship Terminal we are just a short 5 minute walk to where we leave for the Steamer Basin in the heart of Dunedin.

Cross the road outside the Cruise Terminal and turn left. Follow the paved path around to Back Beach. You’ll have the log yard over the road on your left and a clay hill on your right. We will be waiting at one of the floating pontoons either side of the boat ramp

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